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"Ill see you guys in a bit," Sakura Kasugano said to her friends as they were leaving school on a Friday afternoon.  Sakura is one of the youngest of all the street fighters, who are the most skillful men and women with fighting styles in the world.  Sakura's personal motivation is to fight her way up to Ryu, one of the most famous and powerful street fighters in the world, and become his apprentice.  Despite her being a "greenhorn" at street fighting, Sakura is very energetic and never gives up.  As she was getting her bag out her locker to go and see her friends, an unexpected foe appeared.  

"Hey Sakura, how have you been?"  Sakura knew that voice and turned around to see her rival Karin "Rich girl" Kanzuki, with her legion of help standing bowed behind her.  "Glad I caught you before you left.  I have been wanting a rematch for oh so long and have trained for this for weeks, so how about it?"  Sakura thought for about half of a millisecond and said "sure, but a quick one, I gotta catch up with my friends."  Karin nodded in agreement as she lead Sakura to the gym for their fight.  

Karin wore her eagerness on her face like her expensive makeup as she and Sakura took up their spots on the gym's largest mat.  
Sakura started the fight with the "Indiana Jones technique" (in which the strongest move is used first) and fired off a huge Hadoken at Karin, who managed to jump over it and deliver a swift roundhouse kick to Sakura's face.  Staggered, Sakura tried getting a Shoryuken in but Karin side stepped and fired off 2 kick Jabs and a kick, which Sakura managed to dodge and used a Tatsumaki or Tornado kick.  Karin was on her back, which Sakura used to her advantage and pinned Karin's arms and legs down.

"Are we done now?"  Asked Sakura, to which Karin replied with "absolutely not, I refuse to lose to a filthy commoner like yourself, again."  Sakura getting bored and wanting to get to her friends, thought of an unorthodox way to finish the fight.  "Ugh, that "commoner food" I ate is going right through me.  You wouldn't mind if I let loose her would ya?"  Sakura asked with Sarcasm.  "Not in a thousand years would I let you defile me with your ugly winds."  Complained Karin.  "Yeah, your right, it won't have much of an impact if I'm not on your face."  Sakura said as she began to sit on Karin's face and prepare for her first fart.  Karin tried to life Sakura off of her, but she couldn't free her arms and could only take what was coming.  As Karin heard a rumble coming from Sakura's stomach she knew it would begin, and so it did.  

"PFFFffffftttt" "Ppppssstt" 

The smell of expired chicken and rice invaded Karin's nose, to which she replied with wiggling like a worm to get Sakura off, to no avail.  Sakura merely grinned and let loose another wave of stink.  

"PPPPPHHHHUUurrrtttttttttt" "PPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHuuurrtttttt"

"Whew, smells bad up here, what does it smell like down there Karin?"  Asked sakura, to which Karin replied with loud screams that Sakura "Heard" as compliments.  So Sakura gave Karin what "she" wanted.


Karin could barely hear a thing, but when the smell hit her, she knew her number was just about up.  She began coughing wildly to Sakura's enjoyment.  Then a loud "grrrrgggggggle" was heard by both sides, and Sakura knew she already won.  "Oooh, this is gonna be BAAADDD.  Try holding your breath, for about an hour haha" laughed Sakura as she began to push out her monstrous end to this fight.


Karin could smell this beast before it blew her hair and Sakura's skirt around wildly, and soon she began to fade.


The plain rancid smell was too much for Karin, so she passed out, under her opponents lethal behind.  

"Ohh god "cough", that is just "cough" horrible."  Cried out sakura as she smelled her own creation.  She walked off to get her bag, fanning her reeking butt as she did.  Karin's help went to get her but had to back away from Sakura's fallout and open all the windows in the gym first before bringing her home.


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